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At Derek Wales and Son Surface Coating, our professionals add the finishing touches to your home or business. We specialise in a wide range of premium painting, surface coating and restoration services, providing you with tailored solutions to meet your needs. For reliable painting and surface coating across South Australia, the team at Derek Wales and Son Surface Coating has you covered. 


We specialise in providing quality services for internal and external surface coating and painting projects. Our expertise includes airless spray painting, decorative finishes, wallpaper hanging, graining, marbling, applied textures including trowel, sprayed and exposed aggregates, two pack polyurethanes and epoxy coatings and anti graffiti and anti pollution coatings. 


Restoring historical sites and buildings is one of our biggest joys as surface coating and painting professionals. Both a challenge and journey through time, we thrive on providing quality solutions to restore historical sites to their former glory. We’ve been employed by councils and public and private sector clients to rejuvenate historical buildings through surface coating, painting and finishing touches. 

Eco friendly

We strive to use eco friendly and sustainable products and solutions on every project when possible. Better for your health and the environment, our commitment to gentler paints and methods mean that your coating, painting or restoration doesn’t hurt the planet. Our eco friendly solutions are long lasting and reliable, producing high quality results for every project.

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